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Web Architecture

Web Enabled Access

All Financial application functions are conducted via a web browser interface, database access and population occurs directly through this interface. Employees can access the application from any computer with a web-browser and access to the public internet/internal network. Access privileges are configurable for users, supervisors, city administrators, and systems administration.

Web Enabled Reporting

The IgniteTRX reporting structure and module is robust, enabling reporting based upon any related data points, and presented in customizable formats. Custom reports can be constructed quickly and easily. The IgniteTRX reporting module allows nearly any breakdown, combination, or roll up for detailed analysis.

All reporting is controlled and secured through defined tiered access privileges.

Rules Based Billing Engine

Through the use of a web interface, IgniteTRX addresses the complexity of billing rules by facilitating flexibility in adding and altering new rates.


Through a notification module in the financial application, users will have the ability to set events that will trigger the notification of specific personnel based upon specific event parameters.

Audit & Financial Controls

Web Enabled Supervisory Access

Supervisory personnel have access via any web-browser in real-time to address verification and edit requirements. Accounting and Finance personnel are able to generate reports based on real-time data from any web-browser.

The financial application facilitates the tight control and audit through the capture of all available data in near real time, providing complete visibility and facilitating the implementation of thorough transaction accounting policies.

Data Access

Transaction activity is populated into the database in real time, facilitating cross department efficiencies, enabling enhanced cost accounting of specific jobs, projects, or any other defined activities, which enables detailed financial analysis with relative ease.

Open Architecture

Open Interoperability

The IgniteTRX financial module architecture and technologies are built to be future proof. A principle development driver is the facilitation of simple integration with existing or future infrastructure. It will flexibly integrate to any future software and to any future hardware. All IgniteTRX code is openly published under the open source GPL.

Flexible record shipment to external systems

IgniteTRX’s financial application is user configurable to export records on scheduled intervals.