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Open Source Benfits

IgniteTRX is delivering upon the promise of Open Source Software in Government. IgniteTRX believes 'Open Source Software' represents a significant forward leap in how software is designed and developed, and that its benefits are so significant as to make it inevitable.

Some Significant Benefits of Open Source in Local Government include:

  • Avoiding the duplication of effort and spent resources that results from the independent development of largely similar systems.
  • Inhibiting vendor and technology lock-in through the implementation of extensible and open software, leading to significant flexibility and cost savings over traditional software procurement practices.
  • Leveraging legacy investment in existing infrastructure by extending the capabilities and usefulness of existing systems
  • Ability to share subject area knowledge and technical expertise across both organizations and geographic boundaries
  • Reducing the total cost of technology ownership such that smaller municipalities, with correspondingly smaller technology budgets, are able to effectively deliver Tier 1 Citizen Services and recognize real and measurable organizational efficiency gains.
  • Ability to leverage the enormous 'Open Source' development community at large, as well as the significant internal development teams of government organizations across the country, to enhance software applications at a speed and quality that is impossible to replicate in proprietary development frameworks.
  • Producing future proof software through communal, iterative development.
  • Providing peer review of development; leading to more secure, scalable, and stable code base.