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IgniteTRX Financial System Software

The IgniteTRX Financial System software has been built to the requirements of the local public sector, using open source technology and toolkits. An enterprise view of system operations is the objective lens through which we approach operational and business automation for local government.

The cornerstone of this view and emergent application architecture is the IgniteTRX Core, a centralized “global” data store that facilitates data access across the enterprise and eliminates the inefficiencies of disparate data storage.

The IgniteTRX Financial system is organized by functionality and architecture into the following primary segments:


  • General Ledger
  • Chart of Accounts- You may customize your own chart of accounts
  • Reports- There is a print preview of all reports and all reports may be saved in PDF, HTML, or text format
  • Balance/Result Report- Summarized by assets, liabilities, revenue and expenses
  • Transaction Report- List of all transactions
  • Account Summary Report- Summary of each account
  • Chart of accounts report- List of all defined accounts

  • Financial Analysis
  • Import/Export- Compatibility with other accounting systems
  • All tables may be exported and imported in a 'Comma Separated Variable' (CSV) format

  • Accounts Payable- Track purchases and debts by vendor- Issue RFQ's Purchase Orders, etc. Track items received from purchase orders

  • Accounts Receivable-Track Utility Billing transactions-Issue Invoices for non-standard service offerings, Statements, Receipts and more-Do job costing and time entry for city projects

  • Budgeting-Track expenses and income across multiple departments-Track all transactions across departments

  • Purchasing-Track use of orders and parts-Track cost of goods utilized-List all goods below re-order points for more efficient ordering-Track ordering requirements-Track, ship, receive and transfer goods to and from multiple storage locations

  • Payroll
  • Integrated Attendance and Payroll
  • No re-keying or importing/exporting data in to a separate payroll application. Payroll is prepared instantly with the click of a button
  • Payroll Tax Calculation is performed using the same calculation utilized by the utility billing process. It will automatically calculate federal and local income taxes and other custom deductions such as benefits and insurance programs.
  • Direct Deposit- allows electronic transfer of PAYROLL funds to your employees. Alternatively the system can print checks in several different formats, adding convenience for employers and employees.
  • Electronic Pay Stubs- Generate detailed electronic pay stubs for each employee that can be securely viewed on-line or printed out anytime.

  • Time and Attendance
  • User interface is web-based and easy to use
  • User definable business rules (overtime, comp time, credit hours)
  • Provides capability to add, modify, or delete types of work schedules, leave categories, and extra hour categories
  • Provides functionality to support the following timekeeping roles in the system: Employee record and submit time; Supervisor confirmation, and authorization of time
  • Provides the capability to allocate time against defined departments to support cost accounting
  • Provides the capability to correct a previously submitted time sheet and automatically adjust balances in each subsequent pay period.
  • Provides an other hours category to allow staff to record time worked outside their scheduled work time
  • Allows time to be recorded in varying time increments
  • Provides a mechanism to store immutable time records for records management purposes
  • Record by pay-period
  • Provide the capability to interface data to and from the product.
  • Provides easy-to-use, robust report and query capabilities.
  • Provides the capability to access the application remotely over the Internet.
  • Provides time clock management (CMI clocks are the standard device).

  • Cashiering

    • Web based terminal
    • Individually assigned teller ids and cash drawer management
    • Full search capability for customer billing and payments
    • Internet payment ability
    • Image Cash Letter (ICL) processing capability
    • Internet Payments
    • Image Cash Letter Processing (Check 21)
    • Multiple terminal location capability
    • Multiple Payment Type, i.e. Checks, Credit Card, ACH, Cash, Money Order, etc
    • Supports multiple vendors equipment for check & mag-stripe scanning, and receipt printing

    • Utility Billing

      • Provides data management for metering devices integrating with existing meters
      • Generates device route files for reading process
      • Imports data structures to generate utility bills
      • Provides billing engine management
      • Provides bill generation capability allowing bills to be printed off premise
      • Supports bill generation in multiple languages
      • Supports late notice generation
      • Supports door hanger notifications
      • Provides rate schedule management
      • Supports multiple services (water, sewer, garbage, additional city fee's etc.)

      • Work Order Management (For Utility Billing Work Orders)

        • Customizable work order entry types
        • Delivery matrix for w/o completion by appropriate department/party
        • Escalation of tasks to appropriate management personnel for tracking

        • Report Generator (Context defined)

          • Reports are accessed from the functional screens of the system
          • The municipality via the use of third party tools using ODBC access may create additional reports. Tools can be either open source or proprietary.
          • Provides data export wizards to facilitate use of external financial analysis tools
          • Additional reports are available upon request

          Land Management/GIS


          Outbound Emergency Telephony Notification System

          Citizen Service Request

          Licensing & Permitting

          Fleet Management System

          Assessments Management