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Core Services

  • ACH Processing
  • Check 21
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Phone Payments
  • Web Payments
  • IVR Services

Custom Solutions

By integrating processes across the entire enterprise, facilitating the sharing of information, eliminating disparate data storage, leveraging commonality, boosting efficiency, and encouraging collaboration, IgniteTRX builds technology that meets everyone's needs…end users, department heads, managers, IT directors, administrators, and your customers.

Enterprise Revenue Management Platform

A true enterprise decisioning payment processing platform which optimizes the capture of payment data while utilizing the most cost effective payment mechanism. The platform is designed to improve an organizations relationship with it's customers and constituents, improves visibility into treasury management functions, improve operational financial visibility and reporting capabilities, reduce expenses associated with revenue accounting, and accelerate receipt of funds. The platform is designed to provide an intelligent optimization of services, and is highly flexible to accomodate a changing landscape of payment channels, tender types and customer behaviors.
Check 21/Remote Deposit Capture

An unique and market leading solution that provides optimal and cost effective imaging and routing of paper checks, including those instruments drawn on business accounts, to the Federal Reserve. The solution is fully optimized to utilize all benefits of an electronic truncation process, and is compliant with Fed rules and regulations of this new act.
Enterprise Payment Gateway & Secure Transport Network

An entirely web based payment manager and gateway, providing comprehensive electronic transaction services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. The gateway provides a "one stop shop" solution for all payment types and electronic conversion services, and supports remote transaction capture and POS.